Hole by Hole

View of hole 1

Hole 1

The 1st hole is a slight dogleg right that requires an accurate tee shot to avoid trees and the fairway bunker.  A tee ball along the right side will leave a blind approach shot-- so try to drive the ball down the left center of the fairway for your best approach to this narrow but long green.

View of hole 2

Hole 2

The first par three on the course is difficult enough at 198 yards, but it is usually played into the prevailing wind as well.  The significant slope in the front portion of this green will repel shots landing short.

Hole 3

Hole 3

A reachable par 5 in two if you can manage the uphill tee shot.  Trees line both sides of the entire hole so placement is key.  The green is multi tiered funneling to a bowl at the bottom.  So, a precise 3rd shot can lead to a birdie.

View of hole 4

Hole 4

This hole is fairly straightforward and a solid drive will leave a mid to short iron into the green.  But avoid the 50 ft tall pines that guard both sides of the fairway.  The green runs away from the fairway fronted by a bunker making distance control a must.

View of hole 5

Hole 5

This short par 4 can be reachable in one for the long hitters!  Tall pines guard the right side so distance off the tee is not everything.  The green slopes from back to front.  Shots below the hole give the best opportunity to make the putt.

View of hole 6

Hole 6

Most often the hardest hole on the front nine with tall pines lining the right side and OB all the way down the left, there is little room for an errant tee shot.  Trouble does not end on your 2nd shot as the green is guarded by tall pines on the right, mounds left and bunker long.

Hole 7

Hole 7

This is an opportunity to get one back if you can manage the water and trees off the tee.  Your 2nd shot requires a target lay up between water right, lake left and a fairway bunker protecting the right side of the fairway.  The 3rd shot faces bunkers, left and long, to the largest triangle-shaped crowned green on the course.

View of hole 8

Hole 8

This up-hill par 3 looks easier than it is.  With bunkers, right and left, and a very undulating, three-tiered green that slopes from right to left, par may be a better score than you realize.  Try to keep your tee shot on the low side of the pin for your best chance at making the putt.

View of hole 9

Hole 9

A dog leg left with the lake down the entire left side and fairway sloping right to left requires an accurate drive. This small green is unique in that it slopes front to back towards the water. Bunkers protect short left and right while the water comes into play behind and around the left side too.

Hole 10 green to tee

Hole 10

At just over 100 yards, the shortest hole on the course looks like a sure birdie. However, with a pond surrounding the front and right of the green, and O.B. left, hitting the green can be a challenge. Go too far long and you are in the bunker facing a downhill shot looking at water.

View of hole 11

Hole 11

This par 5 is a true three-shot hole for all but the very longest of ball strikers. A pond guards the right side with the fairway sloping left to right, favoring the left side off the tee is a good option. To give the best angle for the 3rd shot, the 2nd shot needs to favor the right side of the fairway. The green is elevated and fronted by front and back bunkers. Due to the deep green, be aware of your distance with the pin on the right.

View of hole 12

Hole 12

This long Par 4 may be the most demanding tee shot of your round. The uphill fairway slopes to the left. You must hit the fairway to hit the green in regulation. The green is guarded by 3 bunkers and long is surrounded by trees. Par here is a great score.

View of Hole 13

Hole 13

To carry the water on this Par 3 is no trouble, but OB left and bunkers left, right and long make this green a challenge to hit. If you keep your ball below the hole you will have a great chance to make the putt.

View of hole 14

Hole 14

This dogleg left hole forces you to challenge the OB on the left, fairway bunker and trees on the right on your downhill tee shot. Your 2nd shot is uphill making for a little longer shot than it may appear. The green is deep sloping back to front so take an extra club.

View of 15 green

Hole 15

From the back tees, joined with 239 yards and fierce winds, this hole can be downright gruesome. This wide green is tiered in the middle and slopes back to front. Deep bunkers front, right and back guard this already narrow green.

View of hole 16

Hole 16

This downhill dogleg right par 4 has plenty of room off the tee. However, this semi-island green is protected by water in front and on the right, also by bunkers left and long making hitting the green a challenge.

View of hole 17

Hole 17

This is another hole where direction rules over distance. Your tee shot must carry the pond but avoid the three bunkers surrounding the fairway. The blind green uphill approach shot and front bunkers make your 2nd shot one to two clubs longer.

View of hole 18

Hole 18

The tee shot is a difficult drive down a narrow opening of pines to a sloping left to right fairway. A pond and fairway bunkers challenge your layup, but a well-placed drive allows this “paw print” green to be hit in two. Play to the center, steer clear of the bunkers and Bully’s Signature Green may just reward your round with a birdie or an eagle!